Byepix Super-Metaverse Platform

Byepix Super-Metaverse

Byepix Is The World's Most Exclusive Web-3-Based Super-Metaverse Platform, Developing Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain, Super Metaverse Protocol, P2E Protocol, and Metaversification App.

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What is ByepixSuper Metaverse Platform

Byepix aims to solve scaling, communication, boundary, and incompatibility problems between all Metaverse projects by developing the following:

It takes part in the Layer 2 Protocol field and serves as the Processing Brain of the Metaverse Environments. It removes all borders and access restrictions in Metaverse Environments for all users.

Byepix removes borders and brings all the Metaverse users in the world together.

Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol spreads to all internet environments for Metaverse users, collects, processes, and performs data and functions that will bring users together, and establishes inter-network connections. The Super Metaverse Protocol is a Layer 2 cross-chain aggregator that connects all metadata servers and networks together into a unified Byepix-based ecosystem.

When Byepix Metaverse Blockchain is completed, it will merge with Byepix SMP.

Byepix's Super Metaverse Multi-Layered Integration provides users in all Metaverse environments with NFT and Asset Management, Price Measurements, Marketcap, Sales, and Transfer capabilities on a unified platform.

Contact Your Metaverse Friend on the Avalanche Network While Gaming on the Ethereum Network!

Byepix Super Metaverse Application is a User Interface Design application that operates on the Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol.

The most exclusive Web3-based All-In-One Platform that includes all Blockchain tools such as Virtual Life, Virtual Lands, Play2Earn, NFTs, Metafi, GameFi, SoFi, and DAO.

This is where we are creating a new world to be a shining example of how life on Earth can be.

It is also the place for you to start shaping your new life so that it can one day be realized in your physical existence.

The beneficial features of Byepix, such as P2E, SoFi, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and also Investing in the $EPIX, can be a huge help to make your dream life a reality.

Super Metaverse Ecosystem

As a bridge, Byepix connects to all Metaverse Environments and interconnects them with each other. This creates the Super Metaverse Ecosystem.

Byepix - ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

The ICO is the most important fundraising step for us to create the greatest and biggest platform. So, we knew we needed to be completely ready for the ICO.

Here are the reasons why thousands of investors engaged in our Token's ($EPIX) Pre-Listing Sale,

Invest To EPIX!

While an Investment Agent can make a lot of money from an investment deal, an individual, YouTuber, or influencer can only get tokens as referral bonuses. Byepix changes this.

Byepix Offers Four Different Referral Bonuses

1) $EPIX Token as Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)
2) USDT Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)
3) Land Referral Bonus (Up to Luxury Land)
4) Land Sales Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)

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Byepix believes that the ICO Investors should be rewarded for their support, which is why it’s giving away land parcels.

*Will be distributed after the ICO phase. Investment — Reward

$500+ — Silver Land
$1000+ — Gold Land
$2000+ — Diamond Land
$4500+ — Premium Land

This reward can be claimed before the Public Land Sale and will have one of the prime locations on the Mainland.

Invest To EPIX!
Invest To EPIX!
Byepix - Special Program

Advantageous Maximum Profit Program (MPP)

This program is designed to boost and maintain the Price of $EPIX

1) Its Revolutionary Mechanism Locks $EPIXs In the Wallets
+ It Keeps Circulating Supply Low and Under Control

2) Allows ICO Staking Even Though Tokens are Locked
+ Huge Profits to be made for The Early Investors at 90% APY

3) Releases Tokens in the order of Purchase, at different times and non-simultaneously.
+ Eliminates Pump and Dumps, and enables prices to increase organically.

Because of the AMP Program, Circulating Supply will be low.

Stake your $EPIX to increase your holdings. On the way for a bigger profit.

To make sure that Circulating Supply remains low, we have created three different options for Prices and Vesting Periods.
Invest To EPIX

Making Money with Byepix

Earn Money By Investing
MPP and Other utilities make sure that you make profit

Earn by Playing (Play2Earn)
Join and Start to Earn

Earn by Performing Tasks (Social2Earn)
You will be richly rewarded by visiting and doing various task

Earn by Affiliate Program
Byepix Referral Bonus System

Targeted Listing Partners

Collaborations and Partners

Platforms Life Information

Whether you’re just getting started with rapid testing or scaling across the organization, we’ve got you covered.

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ICO Dashboard
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