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The most profitable, entertaining, and fun Game to Play.

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It's a Play-To-Earn Game that focuses on Clearing the Byepix Life Planet of the most dangerous deadly beasts that were once citizens of an advanced civilization. This game will inspire you by doing good for the species of the Planet and making sure that we can move to Byepix Safely and Quickly as Humans of the Earth.

The planet is under attack by these deadly beasts. Every living thing that gets in their way is being killed by these creatures. For battling with these beasts, you will receive diverse rewards and, most importantly, in-game currency called EPI. You will receive 1 EPI for every 100 particles, which you can later convert to cryptocurrency after the listing.

After travelling for 12 years in space, we have discovered a planet that we believe we will be able to settle on.

Earn Byepix Gold

Here you will Explore the Byepix Life Planet and Battle the most dangerous beasts that will wipe out all life on the Planet while earning your share of Byepix Gold ($EPIX).

Convert your valuables

Climb the ranks and collect all of the Gem Stones to boost your profile while building your own wealth by Earning In-Game Currencies, Badges, NFTs, and Virtual Lands that you can convert into Crypto Currency.

Earn Bonuses

Alternatively, you may become a Pioneer to advance your career in the Byepix Multiverse as well as receive other bonuses and special presents.

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How To Play

As soon as the game starts, you will find yourself in the middle of a stage. Walk out of the stage and you will see the enemies in various parts of the map. You will fight enemies with advanced weapons and more magic-like abilities. You will get the Gems by combining gem-particle objects that will drop from enemies. For every 10 particals, you will receive 1 EPI, which you may later convert to cryptocurrency after the Listing. Later, you will try to defeat stronger and outnumbered enemies by improving your abilities with these Gems. When you gather all 7 Gems together, they will merge and form a power source, which will destroy all of the rest of the enemies. And as a reward, the Planet will open a port to the Earth for us to bring the Rest of the Humanity to Byepix Star system.

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