Byepix Super-Metaverse Platform

Byepix Super-Metaverse

Byepix is a Web3-based All-In-One Platform that includes many Blockchain tools such as Play2Earn, Super-Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, SoFi, Blockchain, and DAO.

Byepix - ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

An ICO takes place when a startup is establishing a new service or product with an associated utility and wants to create an ecosystem of stakeholders who will benefit from "purchasing the token early". This token sale enables the company to further develop its product with an established user base, and funds raised can be used to build the product.

What does the ICO mean to us?

The ICO is the most important fundraising phase for us to become the best and largest platform. So we knew we had to be completely prepared for the ICO.

Finally, what are you going to earn?

While a Venture Capital Agent can make a lot of money by organizing an investment deal, an individual, YouTuber, or influencer makes his/her audience purchase such large amounts, but they only get tokens as referrals. This is something we would like to change.

We have four different Referral Bonus Types:,

1) Token as Referral Bonus
2) Dollar ($) Referral Bonus
3) Land Referral Bonus
4) Land Sales Referral Bonus
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A Virtual Land Coupon. You will be able to participate in the auctions during the Initial Land Sales with this Coupon (ILO).

*Will be distributed after the ICO phase.
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Byepix - Special Program

Advantageous Maximum Profit Program (AMP)

This program will make sure that the Tokens are not released all at once. Investors Tokens will be released non-simultaneously every day at different times.

This Way, We Aim To:

Prevent pump and dump after the listing finds a place. Token prices will rise day by day since there will be more buyers than sellers. When your tokens are released, you’ll profit just as much as the first individual who sold their tokens without missing your chance. To give everybody a fair chance, we locked the tokens of our team. Their tokens will be unlocked by 5% every quarter. We also made it possible for everybody to stake their tokens while waiting for their tokens to be released.

Because of the AMP Program, Circulating Supply will be low.

On the day of the ICO Staking's release, you may immediately stake your tokens with 90% APY while waiting for your tokens to unlock.

To make sure that Circulating Supply remains low, we have created three different options for Prices and Vesting Periods.
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Making Money with Byepix

With the 'Byepix Super-Metaverse Platform, there are numerous ways to make money. You can make a lot of money by investing, asisting Byepix with simple tasks on our mission platform, Playing games on our Game Platform, or referring a friend. Some of the Byepix earning options are listed below.

Earn Money By Investing
Your investments will be safe with the Maximum Profit Program with Equal Advantage, which was created for the first time in history by the Byepix Team to be the fairest system on the market.

Earn by Playing (Play2Earn)
That which called Play-To-Earn is one of the modern times evolution. In the past Players had to pay to play but in the future Makers will pay for the Players. There you go, We are one of them and will build high-end games where you can have fun, explore, learn and Earn Money by just doing so.

Earn by Performing Tasks (Social2Earn)
Mission Platform is dedicated to bringing Byepix to the entire world. And you will be richly rewarded for assisting Byepix in accomplishing this.

Earn by Affiliate Program
Byepix Referral Bonus System


What is ByepixSuper Metaverse Platform

Byepix Super-Metaverse Platform is Powered by a protocol that provides users a cross-user theme experience on Web3.0-based Decentralized Metaverse Networks.

This Super Metaverse Application Protocol (SMAP) is Created by Byepix Web3.0 Engineers.

A whole new lifestyle is waiting for you to create on The Byepix Life Planet.

A plethora of Entertaining Games will be available on the Gaming Platform.

NFT platform is a platform where you can upload, play, show and sell your own NFTs, and also search, buy, vote or follow NFTs created by others.

Enjoy, the most profitable platform for earning in-game currency, Tokens, or NFTs by completing simple tasks!
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