Byepix Super-Metaverse Platform

Byepix Super-Metaverse

Byepix Is The World's Most Exclusive Web-3-Based AI Super-Metaverse Platform, backed by seven powerful platforms and over twenty utilities, all integrated to provide one seamless experience.

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Welcome to the world of virtual reality!

Where imagination knows no limits.

Here, your digital and physical worlds converge, and you can meet your avatar, claim your land, and enjoy endless socializing through talking or texting. Come discover all of the innovations and opportunities that this world has to offer.

It’s time to immerse yourself in a new dimension and experience everything this virtual world has to offer!

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Have Fun Together

Metaverse Lands


Unleash your creativity and own a piece of the virtual world with Byepix Metaverse Land Sales! Imagine having the freedom to build and customize your own virtual world with a range of terrain options, unique buildings, and the ability to develop your own economy. The possibilities are endless with Byepix Metaverse, from building your own virtual home, to starting a unique business, or exploring new worlds. Get ready to bring your wildest ideas to life! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates on land sales availability. We can't wait to see what you create!






Super Metaverse Ecosystem

As a bridge, Byepix connects to all Metaverse Environments and interconnects them with each other. This creates the Super Metaverse Ecosystem.

Making Money with Byepix

Earn Money By Investing
MPP and Other utilities make sure that you make profit

Earn by Playing (Play2Earn)
Join and Start to Earn

Earn by Performing Tasks (Social2Earn)
You will be richly rewarded by visiting and doing various task

Earn by Affiliate Program
Byepix Referral Bonus System

Targeted Listing Partners

Collaborations and Partners

Status of the Byepix Platforms

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Platform Status

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Mission Dashboard
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Router Beta
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